…and the winner is Rhino Quilts

Rosie of Rhino Quilting has a great success story to share.  Here are her words…

Rhino Quilting Memory Quilt“When people ask me how I get my business, they are usually somewhat surprised when I say, “From my website.” Although I do have some local customers, about 75% of my customers come directly from my website. My business is making customized bereavement and memory quilts and my customers are spread out all over the United States. Many of them have commented on my website, saying, “When I found your website, I just knew I had come to the right place.” One of them wrote, “When I saw your website, I knew I’d struck gold!”My most recent quilt (shown here) was made for a customer who had looked for quite some time online for the quilter she wanted.  When she found my website she was very excited, even more so when she found out she lived only about 45 minutes drive away from my home.Dotty has not only provided me with a sparkling website, but has been very helpful and supportive along the way. I love the fact that I can manage my own site, but if I run into a problem, Dotty is right there to help.”

Rhino Quilting First PlaceRosie is an ideal client

She came to me with a website that did not really get her clients and we worked together to build her a site that works for her. She is able to add new quilts to her site periodically and keeps her site optimized using the tips she has learned.  I think it is wonderful that she has clients all over the United States.  Here is your Blue Ribbon Rosie – keep up the great work!

I love your quilts!

April success story