Julie Wirta ~ Massage Therapist ~ Success Story

Julie Wirta ReviewJulie came to me over 5 years ago without a website, logo, business card, or any other marketing materials.  It was her first year as a Massage Therapist and she had a few clients each week – mostly they were referred by the Chiropractor whose office she rents space from.

We created a very simple website (you will see it is not even totally completed).  www.JulieWirta.com  This is the only industry that can get away with an incomplete website and still get lots of referrals. (In my opinion)  Although Massage is a highly competitive field ~ she does know she would get more calls if her site was finished ~ she is getting more than enough calls for her business. She is getting over 50% of her new clients from her web presence.

She called me about 6 months after her website went live and asked me to turn it off!  I did not.  She was booking about 10 massages per week and working 6 days a week.  She is very busy.  She is now booked about 1 month in advance and sometimes refers new clients to another massage therapist since she just can’t fit them into her schedule fast enough.

Julie is a wonderful client who is an excellent massage therapist and is becoming a great marketer for her own business.  She believes in continuing education and is always learning new techniques and improving her skills.  She is well worth the 1 month wait for an appointment.

March success story