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How to Gain Expert Status

When I first started as a web designer I did not know anyone in my local area.  I had never owned a business, not associated with the business community, and just moved to a new city. (Now you know I am crazy!)  However I quickly gained Expert Status in the local business community.  How did I do it?

I used many tactics ~ one of which was both Linkedin Questions and Answers and Quora.  Linkedin came first – the Questions feature is under utilized.  Quora is specialized for Questions while LinkedIn is a business social media site.  Both work the same way and both give results!

Questions are submitted by other people and categorized.

As the expert (or aspiring expert) you can find the right category for your knowledge and answer questions.

Freely share your knowledge ~ It will attract people that need your services.  If you have the best answer (get voted best) then you get 3rd party endorsements stating you are an expert in that category.

This strategy has gained me clientele on the East Coast for both Social Media Consulting and Website Design.

These 2 websites – Quora and LinkedIn make it easy to gain Expert Status if you put a little effort, time, and sincerity into it.  Expert status makes your phone ring.  We are all experts in something (or you would not be in business) ~ let the world know and grow your business.

It works ~ give it a try!