What is Screen Capture?

Screen Capture is the ability to share what you are seeing on your computer monitor with other people.  This can be via an image or video.  Most Windows users get frustrated with the inability for the Print Screen button to work. (never has for me)

In Comes Jing

Jing is a very cool tool from TechSmith that allows for Screen Capture.  I use it for images but it does have a video element as well.  There  are a few tools available to put arrows, notes, annotations, etc on your images before saving them – which makes this tool way more powerful than just capturing your screen.  I use it to:

  •  Create images of completed websites
  • Share an error message with a tech person
  • Show someone how something displays on my screen
  • Show someone what I am seeing at any given time

What are some creative ways you can use Jing?

Jing for Screen Capture

For a great screen sharing tool: Join.me is my preference.