What’s the big deal?

Google Review links are no longer working

That is the big deal.  Many websites have a link provided for a customer to leave a Google Review for their business.  All of those links no longer work.  Google moved the Reviews from the Google Plus platform into Google Maps.

Why move the Reviews?

I am guessing that the reviews were moved so that people looking for a business on Google Maps will see the business contact information as well as any reviews for that business.  It seems like that would be more convenient for the user to get all related information in one place.  I agree with Google, but they could have made it easier to get the review links forwarded or changed.

How do Google Reviews work now?

Now the reviews are directly accessed from the business coming up in a Google Search – see image below.

google reviews

When you click the Write a Review button a pop-over will come up and allow you to add the review directly without ever leaving the search results page.  This is why our old linking system no longer works – the access point has totally changed.

Online Tool Available for Google Link Generating

I have an online tool to generate your specific Google Review link.  This tool is tied into the Google Maps API and uses your Google Maps listing to generate the link.  If your business cannot be found in Google Maps the link generator will not work.  This tool provides you a link to put into the code of your website.  If you need help with this process call Dotty at 360-607-4767.  She will generate and add the links to your website for you for $50.00.

Learn about your Google My Business account and how it connects to Google Reviews. 

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