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Social Media StrategyNot Having A  Strategy or Plan

I have talked with so many business owners that have “tried” Social Media and decided that it does not work.  When I ask them what their strategy was and how it was to be measured they have no answer.

Would you create a marketing campaign offline without a plan?

Online advertising, branding, and marketing need to have a plan and strategy just like their offline counterparts.

Without a plan, Social Media is a HUGE WASTE OF TIME!

A Social Media Plan has many parts.

First of all, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) profiles need to link back to a blog.  Social media is social relationship building – it is not sales.  Do not link a profile to a sales page.  Building solid relationships online means providing valuable content.

Here is one (of many) Social Media Strategies:

  • Create a BLOG for branding you or your company
  • Get several Social Media accounts that link back to your blog
  • Build a following of targeted people (people that have the same interests as your brand)
  • Provide valuable content
  • Create a special offer for your followers (make them feel special)
  • Grow your list from your blog and the new traffic that is coming from your Social Media Campaign

In this example, the goal of the social media strategy is to grow a list of responsive, targeted people that are interested in your brand and what you have to offer.  Your efforts can be measured in how quickly and large your list grows.  It is a concrete measurement – there is no guessing.  If the plan is followed the result can be measured.

If your list grows, then is Social Media a waste of time?  Only if you do not capitalize on your new responsive list!

Stay tuned for the 2nd most significant mistake in Social Media!

If you would like to share your strategy, please do so in the comments below.

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