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Website Designer Client ReviewKaren Ault, owner of Strategic Tax Accounting and Consulting in Vancouver WA  leaving a website designer review about Dotty of Premium Websites – In Karen’s words. “I am Karen Ault – I own Strategic Tax Accounting and Consulting. Being a new business I actually talked to several web designers, I did not know what I needed, or even what web designers actually did. but from what I understood – If you’re going to have a business you need a website. By the time I got to Dotty, I actually knew something about websites. I understood what I needed it for, so I knew how to talk to her. Basically, she showed up at my office and I explained I needed something that is not just a website – because I am a solopreneur – I need something that is going to help me administratively. Something that is going to help me schedule and stay on task. Half an hour later she had a “baby page” set up for me that helped me with scheduling and client contact and with a portal that was secure for my clients to upload their stuff. It was all in one little spot which will be fed into my website. She found solutions to what I needed and she was really efficient. She was like a little brain surgeon. Honestly – it was exactly what I needed.”

Dotty loves her Tax & Accounting website clients too

Dotty ScottThanks so much Karen for your kind and honest words. I am so glad I could share my knowledge of online tools that help with your scheduling and client efficiency. It is so helpful to have one tool that does it all instead of several.  Adding it to your website was a great choice.  I really enjoyed working with you to get the website completed.  It is obvious you are very good at what you do – so helping you get that message across to your potential new clients was an honor.

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