Website Designer Review

Karen Hartshorn of KLT recruiting Solutions in Vancouver WA leaving a website designer review about Dotty of Premium Websites – In Karen’s words. Client Review“I’m Karen Hartshorn. I run KLT Recruiting Solutions. I am an executive recruiter or head hunter if you want to call it. I place executives in manufacturing and distribution throughout North America. Dotty is very informative. She’s easy to talk with, she listens intently to what you are trying to accomplish – why do you want a website, what do you want the website to do for you.  She knows the questions to ask regarding the website and how it is going to work for your business. Not only does she listen – but once she understands what you are trying to accomplish, she is knowledgeable enough to give you insight on what she thinks will work for you. One of the greatest things is that she really listens. she really tries to understand what your business is, what the website needs to do, and how is the website going to drive business your way. Part of that is the listening skill and really understanding the purpose. Her knowledge, her ability – there would be no way I could have built this website myself. I knew what I wanted to say, I knew how I wanted it laid out, but to do what she did so far for me has just been awesome. And she gets why I need those certain pages. I would recommend her for her listening skills and really understanding what YOU want out of your website, not what she wants to gain from it. That would be the reason I would recommend her.”

Dotty loves her Recruiting website clients too

Dotty ScottKaren thanks for the kind thoughts. I really enjoyed listening to your website goals and coming up with solutions that we are both very happy with.  Your website is now a recruiting tool that you use daily in your business, and I look forward to hearing how your business has grown over the next few months.  It is great to have online tools that actually work for you when you are doing other things.

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