Project Description

Shirley was referred to us through two other authors – Judy Glenney and Jon Drury.  She already had her website created, but was having issues that she could not fix and was not able to get ahold of the person who created the website. We were able to get her website fixed and working again, and updated some of the plugins to better options.

Although Premium Websites did not originally create this website for Shirley, we have provided her with extensive training and ongoing maintenance. Shirley is a great learner, and creates regular blog posts.

Visit Shirley’s website 

“Dotty did a great job refurbishing my website. I asked several web masters to update the site and none wanted to take what I had, but wanted to start completely over. Dotty took my original website and made it more up to date—in rapid time. Anytime I have a question, she is on it right away. She’s willing to answer questions so I can make adjustments myself on the site as well. Just recently she worked with me, adding new photos and information. I highly recommend Dotty.”