Project Description

Joann found us via a Google search for local web designers. She had an existing WordPress website that had been customized by a previous web person. They customized the main theme instead of using a child theme, and when the theme updated all her customizations were lost. Joann tried to get the site to a point where it was acceptable herself, but was not able to get what she wanted.

She contacted us, explained what happened and an idea of what she wanted, and we were able to take what she had, apply a new theme with a child theme, and make her customizations. She loves the result – very simple and clean looking. We also trained her how to add new books as they come out and make other changes to her site. She is now back to being able to manager her own website. 

Visit Joann’s website 

“I waited a long time to have my website updated. I didn’t think I could afford it and I didn’t want anyone shaming me for what was currently displayed. I realized I couldn’t move forward with my business until things were cleaned up, so I began the search for a site designer. The first response was exactly what I’d feared, tone deaf to my particular needs. When I found Dotty, she responded to my email quickly. She looked at my website but didn’t judge the mess I created. Her price was reasonable and she listened to exactly what I needed. I love the look she created for me! I will be recommending her to everyone I know. “