Website Designer review by a Small Business owner – Terri Shinners

Terri Shinners Client Review for Premium WebsitesTerri Shinners of Glass Fusing with Friends leaving a website designer review about Dotty of Premium Websites – In Terri’s words. “Hi – my name is Terri, and my business is Glass Fusing with Friends. Dotty has built 3 websites for me. Dotty built me an awesome website and we use Event Espresso all my customers can register through the website. I have had 800 come through in the past 6 years. They come from the website. She had pictures on there, it talks about what we do, different pages, they can contact me from it and register for all the classes.  It’s a WordPress website, I do all my own work on it,  she taught me how to blog. We first met 20 years ago at the Chamber of Commerce here in Vancouver, and through I Take the Lead we were both membership coordinators which means we ran all the groups here in Vancouver. She talks English instead of Geek so it is like something I can understand. She makes it really fun and easy. She is compassionate and listens to what your needs are, and she fulfills your needs and meets you at your level, and takes you to a higher “geeky” level than you ever thought you could go. So that’s my Dotty ~ Great friends.”

Dotty loves her Small Business website clients too

Dotty ScottThanks so much Terri for the kind words. I really treasure Terri’s friendship over the years I have known her. She has been a pleasure to work with and a great “student”. I have shared many marketing ideas with her over the years – we even ventured into creating videos together.  She can be credited for helping me get into making short marketing videos, something that has served me well over the past 5 years.

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