Today’s interview is with Jodi Blackwood, Business Etiquette Coach.  I have learned a great deal from Jodi over the years that I have known her.  She gives some great tips in this interview.

What is business etiquette?  Who can use it or needs it?

Business EtiquetteBusiness etiquette is not about being stuffy or overly proper.  It is about putting yourself forward in the best light possible, treating people with courtesy and respect and still being true to yourself.  We get caught up in things like what should I say, when do I hand over my business card, do I shake hands or not, etc.  These little details take our focus off what we should be doing, which is marketing our business.  Business Etiquette allows us to be comfortable with these little so we can focus on our business.

How is business etiquette actually used in marketing?

It’s all about the first impression and
marketing is about promoting your business.  Every time you interact with someone you are making a first impression – and you cannot redo it.  How you do things and how you come across to people is what makes the difference.  How you introduce yourself to people, how you shake hands, your appearance, what is your body language saying, are you glancing at your watch, are you on your phone, texting, etc.  The person in front of you is all that is important in that moment of time.  By doing these other things you are marketing yourself in a negative way.  You want people to understand that you are the best choice to help them.  People look at more than cost – they look at how they will be treated,    customer service.

What role does marketing play in customer service?

It is about promoting yourself and your business.  Good manners and customer service goes together.  People think that good customer service is all but going away.  It is as simple as saying, hello, thank you, and your welcome. Greeting a customer when they come in, responding to the telephone, following up with the details, returning phone calls.  These little details make the difference of  how a customer perceives your business.  They make choices to use your service/product or not based upon these little details.

Business etiquette is demonstrating what you are like through your actions and your interactions.

You never know when or where you are going to meet your next customer, so it is about always being aware of how you come across to people.  We all interact with people and those interactions are important.  How do you make people feel?  what do they think when they walk away?

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