Today’s interview is with Barbara Saunders ~ Solo Pro Business Master

Barbara helps her clients create a stable, profitable business that’s custom fit to them. I asked Barbara what it means to custom fit a business.

Custom Fit BusinessHow do you custom fit a business?

There are some assessments that you can take that will tell you what your strengths are and then we can help you customize your business around your personality and strengths.  For example you probably do not want to be a speaker if you are truly an introvert.  If you have a low level of energy you do not want to be doing a bunch of running around – it is about being true to yourself.

Why do we want to custom fit our business?

When you are a Solo – it is just you.  When you play to your strengths and keep with integrity then your unique brilliance shines. You have more power to bear.  Consumers have shown there is a trust problem in the market today, and when you are true to yourself your credibility shows – and consumers will trust you.  It helps to remove the resistance.

Why does custom fitting your business work so well with Online businesses?

Need to be consistent – be the same person on all Online places.  Be the same on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Have a consistent message that shows your unique brilliance. People can go to various places online and get the same story about you – really builds trust.  Use the tools to help measure our success.  Tools like Klout for measuring social engagement or Hangouts where you can see someone and really get to know them.  Part of your content strategy needs to be talking about what you know and are an expert in.  This helps build the trust in your business and reputation.  When you are in your own custom fit business it comes natural since the business has been built around who you are.

Custom fitting your business is about arranging your business around your personality and being true to yourself.  

There are 9 distinct expert business personality types.  Fitting your business model around the personality type that you are will help you to succeed in business. Business models are proven to work already by thousands of people in the past – so you do not have to wonder if it is going to work for you.  If you choose the right business model for your personality it will work.

Barbara is offering a free video training series for small business owners who want to move away from the hourly business model into what she calls the kayak business model.  Four separate videos on why you do not want to use the hourly model and how to transition your business out of the hourly model.

You can find that at

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