Yes! Large companies are getting sued for not being in ADA compliance, and they are losing!.

There are people out there making a living from suing businesses that do not comply with the ADA rules.

This is terrible because most small business owners have no idea there are ADA compliance rules for websites. Most are familiar with handicapped parking or wheelchair entrances. But websites?

Videos that are not captioned or subtitled are not ADA compliant. Websites with low contrast between the font color and the background color are not ADA compliant.

Instead of businesses getting a warning and a written notice of how they are out of compliance (so they can fix the problem), people are making a living from suing – and winning!

An ounce of prevention will save you a great deal of money in this case. Will you get sued? Who knows. However, if your website is ADA compliant, it is more user-friendly.

Visit this page for videos on actual companies that have already been sued – and lost.