Website Designer Review

Joe and Linda Yosso, entrepreneurs, leaving a website designer review about Dotty of Premium Websites – In Joe and Linda’s words.

“This is Joe and Linda, we have several businesses, but the one that Dotty originally helped us with is my wife’s website called Hair Magic USA. Linda makes hair combs.

I met Dotty at an I Take the Lead Networking meeting – way back when. I was a networking fool – if there was a networking meeting I was there. I was building my window contracting service at the time. Dotty helped me with a website for that business as well.

Linda – She is very knowledgeable and I can trust her, very honest, efficient, and conscientious – Just a really nice person.

Joe – She knows what she is doing and gets right to the point. Tell her a few things that you want and she puts them together for you.

I have had some other websites that I have done on my own – and I had to ask her some questions. “Dotty – I screwed up – what do I do now? ” and she has always helped me out. She’s really good and knows what she is doing. You can ask her just about any question and she knows what to do.

She can help you with marketing as well – search engine optimization – the whole nine yards.

Dotty loves her website clients too

Dotty ScottThanks, Joe and Linda. I love your entrepreneurial spirit!  I have worked with you on many different projects over the past many years. Each and everyone was a great idea and I am honored that you continue to choose me to help your dreams come true. I look forward to your next big adventure!

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