Video Marketing: Does Video Really Help?

Today I interviewed Tim and asked the questions you are dying to know the answers to about Video and your website.

Tim-Adams-Timato-ProductionsWhat is the difference between a professional video and one from an armature?

Although anyone can run a video camera, not everyone knows how to use video correctly.  Anyone can point a camera, but not everyone has the knowledge to make an interesting video, to make one that gets your message across, or has the technical equipment to make you stand out.  Sound is very important and most armature video cameras need an external mic to get quality sound.

What kind of Video do I need on my website?

  • Landing Page video – product or service video that is on a page that you are paying to advertise.  It is the page that sells your product or service that the video speaks about.
  • About Us video – learn more about you and your company to give your prospects an idea of who they are going to buy from as well as information that sets you business apart.
  • Testimonial videos – hear what others clients say about this company

What do I do with
the video once I have it produced?

  • Add to your website
  • Add it to all your Social Media accounts
  • Add to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video platforms

Video will represent you forever on the Internet – it never goes away.

How does video drive traffic to my website?

It will drive traffic if the video is good and has the content people are looking for.

  1. Video is searchable and it gets indexed on your website as well as other places you upload it
  2. Video content is rich and dynamic.  It is interactive and people are really looking for video content.
  3. Video is very easy to share via social platforms (free advertising)
  4. 81% of marketing professionals are using video in marketing content.  It works!
  5. Search engines love video.  Video is honest and true.  It is hard to manipulate video for search results so it looks better the the search engines.  Video is measurable for ranking.

If yo have any more questions about Video that you would like Tim to answer please leave them n the comments below.