Web Design Services for Small Businesses ~ How To Choose?

Choosing Website DesignerMy clients are all small business owners. What is really great about small business owners is that they wear many (or all) hats for their business.  They are very smart and know the value of their time.  I really enjoy the clients that want to learn to make small changes for themselves so that they are really taking ownership of their website.

As a Small Business owner, it is essential to find the right web designer for your project.  Not all web designers are equal ~, and not all projects are suitable for every designer.  How do you choose?

  • Has the designer finished any sites similar to what you are looking for?
  • Does the web designer come highly recommended by any other reputable business owners?
  • Has the web designer been around long enough to know they will be available if you need them in the future?
  • Does the web designer return your calls and address your concerns?
  • Does the web designer listen to you, or are they just doing what they want?
  • Can the web designer explain in terms you understand what the project entails and how the site will proceed?
  • Can the web designer keep the site project within your budget?

Affordable Web Design

Keeping your website project within your established budget is very important for the health of your business.  Although websites can have functionality and unique programming that can be cost-prohibitive for the micro-business owners ~ it is possible to get a website that can grow with the growth of your business.  When evaluating web designers to decide who to hire for your website project, it is necessary to keep more than just cost in mind.

  • If your website is out of your budget right now ~ is there an alternative that can be created for you that is easy to expand in the future?
  • Will my site be created in a Content Management System that is easy to learn so that I can handle minor site changes myself and avoid future costs for simple text edits?
  • Will the web designer train me to use my new website ~ or do they have a trainer that can help me?
  • Will there be any “hidden” costs?  How much is hosting with them?
  • Will my site get basic optimization while it is created, or is that extra?
  • Does the web design company offer packages, or are they just working by the hour?

Web Design Packages

I can tell you, from a web designer’s position, that business owners get a better deal if they can purchase their website within a package.  Web site packages are designed to streamline the website building process so that creating your website goes faster.  That does not mean that your site is a “cookie-cutter” site.  It does mean that the technical parts of designing have been streamlined ~ this allows the designer to include more into your package than you would get if you were getting a site outside of a box.

I hope this has given you some idea of what to consider before choosing who will design your new website.  Your website reflects your company ~ it needs to make a great first and lasting impression on your new and prospective clients.