Do you know what SEO practices are good in 2012?

Search Engine Optimization in 2012

Search Engine Optimization in 2012

Many business owners do not understand SEO (and why would you?)  Search Engine Optimization has evolved along with the Internet and Search Technology.  What worked in the past (even last year) may not work now.  What worked in the past might even get your site penalized today!

The reason search engines exist is to help the consumer find information.  It is NOT to help the  business owner sell products or services!  When someone tries to game the system to favor their website the search engines will find a way to block the method then penalize any websites using the manipulating method.  This is why what worked in the past no longer works now.  Search engines want honest results and business owners want on the first page.

How can your Website get First Page Listing?

Here are some of the Optimization Techniques that are working in 2012:

  • Content is still King!  Using your keywords in the text, titles, headings, and sub headings is still the most effective SEO strategy.
  • In bound links.  These are one way links into your website (not returned back).  How can you get in bound links?
    • Directory Listings
    • Press Releases
    • Article Marketing
    • Creating great content that people want to link to (Link Bait)
    • Thoughtful commenting on other blogs (not spam)
    • Social Media
    • Guest blogging
  • Social Search ~ the engagement and interaction on Social Media platforms is now a consideration in Search Engine placement and will continue to grow in importance.

Search Engines are always looking for great content as well as people gaming the system.  It is better to gain ground slowly and the right way than it is to risk getting banned for manipulative activity.