Yes, adding services to your Google Business Profile (GBP) is possible and highly recommended for businesses that offer specific services. This feature lets you communicate what your business provides to potential customers who find your listing on Google. Here’s how you can add services to your GBP:

  • Adding Services: Services can be added to your GBP through the “Info” tab or directly via the “Services” tab in your GBP dashboard. This functionality lets you list your various services, organized by the business category you’ve selected for your account.
  • Service Details: For each service you add, you can include detailed information, such as a service name, description, and pricing information. Depending on what best suits your business model, you can specify an exact price or provide a price range. Adding descriptions helps potential customers understand what each service entails, making it easier to decide if your offer meets their needs.
  • Visibility on Mobile: The services you add to your GBP will be prominently displayed when someone views your business profile on a mobile device. This enhanced visibility helps mobile users quickly grasp the range of services your business offers, potentially increasing inquiries and customer engagement.
  • Monitoring Google’s Additions: It’s essential to regularly check the services section of your GBP, as Google may automatically add services it believes are relevant to your business based on various signals. While this feature can help ensure your profile is comprehensive, it may sometimes include services you do not offer.
    • Managing Auto-Added Services: If you find services added by Google that don’t apply to your business, you can accept the changes and then delete the irrelevant services. Conversely, if Google adds a service you offer but hasn’t listed, you should complete the information for that service to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your profile.
  • Completeness and Accuracy: Keeping your services list up-to-date and accurate is crucial for providing potential customers with reliable information. Regularly updating your services list can reflect your business’s growth and evolution, showcasing new or expanded offerings.

In summary, adding services to your Google Business Profile is a straightforward way to enhance your listing and provide potential customers with valuable information about what your business offers. By carefully managing and updating your services list, you can ensure that your GBP accurately reflects your business, improving your online presence and customer engagement. Regular monitoring and adjustment of your services list, including managing any auto-added services by Google, will help maintain the accuracy and effectiveness of your business profile.

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