Video Creation at Premium Websites: Empowering You to Create Your Own

At Premium Websites, we understand the power of video content in engaging and converting customers. While our video creation services are limited to using programs like Animoto or Canva, we are dedicated to empowering you to create your own high-quality videos.

Our Approach to Video Creation

  1. Animoto or Canva Videos: We utilize user-friendly video creation tools like Animoto or Canva to craft engaging and professional videos. These tools allow us to create visually appealing content that can enhance your website and marketing efforts.
  2. DIY Video Guidance: While we create our own videos using video recorders and cell phones, we currently do not offer direct video production services to clients. Instead, we provide you with the knowledge and skills to produce your own videos.

Empowering You to Create Your Own Videos

Creating your videos can be valuable for consistently updating your content and engaging your audience. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Training Sessions: We offer sessions to teach you how to effectively use video creation tools and techniques. Whether you prefer a video recorder or cell phone, we guide you through shooting, editing, and producing high-quality videos.
  2. Step-by-Step Tutorials: Our tutorials cover everything from basic video shooting techniques to advanced editing tips. We provide easy-to-follow instructions that help you create professional-looking videos without expensive equipment.
  3. Resource Recommendations: We recommend the best tools and resources, such as video editing software and online tutorials, to enhance your video creation skills. These resources can help you improve and innovate your video content over time.

When to Hire a Professional

While we empower you to create your own videos, there are situations where hiring a professional video production service is beneficial:

  1. High-Quality Production: For projects requiring high production value, such as promotional videos, commercials, or detailed product demonstrations, a professional videographer can deliver exceptional quality that may be challenging to achieve independently.
  2. Complex Editing: Professional video producers have advanced editing skills and access to high-end software, allowing them to create polished and visually stunning videos.
  3. Time and Efficiency: Hiring a professional saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while ensuring your video content is top-notch.


Our video creation services at Premium Websites use tools like Animoto or Canva to produce engaging content. While we don’t offer direct video production services to clients, we are committed to teaching you how to create high-quality videos. By providing training, tutorials, and resource recommendations, we empower you to take control of your video content and enhance your online presence.

We recommend hiring a professional videographer for projects requiring higher production value or advanced editing. This ensures your videos meet the highest standards and effectively capture your audience’s attention.

Explore the possibilities of video content with Premium Websites and learn how to create compelling videos that elevate your brand. Whether you create your own or work with a professional, we support your video marketing journey.