Why can’t my website designer purchase my domain for me?

Purchasing and owning your domain name are critical aspects of establishing and maintaining your online presence. While it might seem convenient to have your website designer or another third party purchase your domain on your behalf, doing so can lead to significant issues. Here’s why you must purchase your domain yourself:

  • Ownership and Control: The individual or entity whose name is on the account used to purchase the domain is considered the domain’s legal owner. If your website designer buys the domain under their account, they technically own it, not you. This ownership gives them control over the domain, including the ability to renew, transfer, or sell it without your consent.

  • Potential for Future Complications: Allowing someone else to own your domain can lead to complications if your relationship with that person changes or if they become unreachable due to retirement, relocation, illness, or death. If the person who owns your domain becomes unresponsive or unwilling to cooperate, you may be unable to make necessary changes to your website or, in worst-case scenarios, lose access to your website altogether.

  • Rebuilding on a New Domain: If you lose access to your domain because someone else owns it and you can’t regain control, you may be forced to start over with a new domain. This situation is far from ideal, as it means losing the brand recognition, SEO ranking, and credibility you’ve built up with your original domain. Starting over with a new domain can be costly, time-consuming, and damaging to your online presence.

  • Protecting Your Investment: Your domain name is a valuable asset and an integral part of your brand’s identity online. Purchasing the domain yourself ensures you have complete control over this asset. Owning your domain allows you to manage it as you see fit, including transferring it to a different hosting provider or selling it if you choose to.

Best Practices for Domain Purchase and Management:

  • Register the Domain Yourself: Use a reputable domain registrar to purchase your domain. Ensure that the domain is registered in your name or your business’s legal name, with your contact information.

  • Keep Your Registration Information Secure: Ensure that your account with the domain registrar is secured with a strong password and, if available, two-factor authentication. Keep your contact information up to date to receive timely notifications about your domain.

  • Maintain Access to Your Domain: Regularly log in to your domain registrar account to check your domain’s status, renew your registration before it expires, and make any necessary updates to your domain settings.

By purchasing and managing your domain directly, you protect your online brand and maintain control over a crucial part of your digital presence. This proactive approach safeguards against potential future disputes or complications, ensuring that your website remains securely under your control.