The types of posts that can be added to your Google Business Profile account are as follows:

  • Offers: These are specials or deals of your products or services with a starting and ending date. You can attach coupon codes to these posts. You can link to where the offer can be purchased.
  • What’s New: General blog posts. These can be on any topic but should be educational. They can also be announcements for new products, new services, new hours, etc.
  • Events: These are events that have a specific date and time. You can link these posts to anywhere on the Internet where they can register or purchase the event. These posts will stay active until the event has passed.

Posts used to expire after seven days. That is no longer true. You will still get an email from Google telling you your last post is about to expire. I take that as a reminder that I need to make another post.

Posting regularly in Google Business Profile helps keep your GBP profile higher in the search results.

What Posts are allowed in GMB?