Pet Services Pro – Client Review

Pet Services Pro – Client Review

“I can only say one thing about Dotty’s work:  WOW!!  Ok, I can say more too:  I’m SO pleased with my website.  It’s beautiful, easy to navigate and easy for me to update.  I have had a lot of  compliments on it and I am proud to call it mine and proud to refer Dotty any time (and I have)  for anyone who needs a website that is fabulous and functional too!  Thank you Dotty for all your work! “
Ginger Reynolds, Pet Services Pro

Pet Services

Dotty loves her Pet Industry clients too

Dotty Scott Ginger I love to work with people that have a basic understanding of how websites work.  You are a business owner that loves to learn and is not afraid to take on new challenges.  I am glad you gave me the opportunity to create your website.

Ginger came to Premium Websites with a WordPress site that had a theme that was very limiting.  Many of the things she wanted to do with her site she was unable to accomplish, and her optimization was very poor.  We created her a responsive theme that allowed her to blog, add pages, and do all the things she was unable to accomplish before.  She now has a site that reflects her business and will grow along with her business.

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