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Google+ and YouTube want to be connected

If you are a Google+ user (or at least have activated your account) and you have a YouTube Channel where you upload videos ~ The next time you log into your YouTube account you might be asked to connect the two accounts.

Why would you want to connect them together?

Not everyone will want to connect them.  If…

  • You are wanting Personal Branding then connecting them is ideal
  • You are wanting access to some exclusive features then connecting is needed

When I opened my YouTube account (many years ago) I was not able to open it in my own name ~ it was taken.  There is a singer somewhere with my name – hard to believe.  So I was forced to open it with some other name that does not fit my business now either (business changed over the years).  I had always hesitated to open a new account since I did not want more than 1 Google account to manage.  Connecting my Google+ account with YouTube solved this problem for me.

This will not change the URL of your channel (so it does not matter that my name is taken in YouTube) but it WILL change the branding of your YouTube Channel.

YouTube Channel connected to Google+

YouTube Channel connected to Google+

If you post to a YouTube Channel where several other people upload videos for a company then you would NOT want to do this.

A few other benefits to connecting YouTube with Google+:

  • If you are using your Google Authorship you will now get Author credit for all your Videos as well.  This will increase your credibility within the eyes of Google and help your overall Search Placement for your content.  It will also give your YouTube Channel the same Page Rank as your Google+ account (which should be very high).  This means that the links going to your website from your channel will count more for SEO.
  • You will be able to Comment on videos as yourself instead of the old name of your account.
  • If your accounts are connected you can share Private YouTube videos with specific people and not allow the public to see them.  Have you ever created a personal video and wanted to share it with family, but not wanted it on your business YouTube account?  Now you can upload it to your business account, keep it private, and share it with specific people or a specific Circle in Google+.
  • Google+ Sharebar is now available to easily share any YouTube video you are watching.

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