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How to Social Network: LinkedIn Endorsements

Business Social Networking  just got easier!

LinkedIn Endorsements are an easy way to let people know you endorse your peers ~ give kudos with just one click! LinkedIn allows you to list your Skills and Expertise.  When people visit your profile they will be prompted to endorse either all of your skills or just the ones they want.  It even allows them to add a skill that is missing.  It is great when one of your connections adds a skill you did not think of adding.  It shows they really know you and it also lets you see how others view you.  It can be a great insight!

On your LinkedIn Profile these Endorsements will form a grid with the most endorsed skill at the top and the least at the bottom.  It shows thumbnails of the most recent endorsers which can add credibility if the person viewing your profile knows one or more of these people.  There is also a link that allows them to view all the endorsers if they wish.

LinkedIn Endorsements

As the owner of your profile you even have the option of hiding specific endorsements (not sure why you would) but that option is available.

Reasons to get Endorsements

  • Endorsements give a visual overview of your skills
  • Endorsements allow someone visiting your profile a very easy way to compare you to your competition at a glance
  • Getting an Endorsement from a trusted contact shows others they have faith in you
  • Endorsements visually show more credibility behind your stated skill set
  • Endorsing others makes them feel good
  • Endorsing others allows them to know you appreciate their skills and expertise


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