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Website Maintenance Packages

Website-MaintenanceAs-Needed Website Maintenance

Some businesses need website maintenance only once in a while. This type of maintenance will be provided on an hourly basis with a one hour minimum.

Examples of periodic maintenance include:

  • Updating WordPress and the plugins that run your website
  • Adding or deleting content
  • Adding additional pages
  • Adding forms
  • Adding galleries
  • Adding video
  • Updating staff pages
  • Much more

As-Needed Website Maintenance ~ $125.00 per hour

“I’ve been wanting to upgrade my WordPress blog to the latest version. However, I was worried about losing what I posted, plus I didn’t having the time to learn all the plug-in’s that I needed to add. So for a long time I didn’t add any new articles, and started falling behind. Then Dotty Scott came to my rescue, and not only did she upgrade my blog, but add the plug-ins, and turned my site into a professional site. I wish I had used Dotty’s service sooner.”
Rallie Rallis, Home Business Super Guide

Monthly Website Maintenance Package

WordPress comes out with updates quite frequently.  The various plugins also update often.  Our Monthly Website Maintenance Package is designed for businesses that want to keep current with the programs that run their websites.

Our Monthly Website Maintenance Package includes:

  • Update of core WordPress files and all plugins on the first working day of the month. (Note: If an updated plugin breaks, and there is not a replacement plugin, there will be additional charges to fix the problem if programming is required)
  • Verification that all forms still work after updating
  • Monthly backup that is sent to you for storage via Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace, or emailed

Monthly Website Maintenance Package ~ $75.00 per month