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Social Media Marketing

All Business Owners Need Social Media

Social Media PackagesSocial media is interchangeable with social networking, online networking, and attraction marketing.  Basically, social media is having a profile at several different online social media sites and then using these profiles strategically to market your business.  Social media sites have a large range of functionality.  Some examples include video sharing sites, photo sharing sites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and hundreds of others. It is not necessary to have profiles in all the different sites that are available.  We recommend that small business owners use Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and any industry specific sites that are available.  These sites lend themselves well to gaining clients and brand recognition.

One Time Social Media Marketing Package ~ Let Us Do It for You

Premium Websites, LLC can help you set up your profiles at different social media sites.  This one-time package includes setting up 3 different sites and linking them to your website (if possible with your current website platform). The 3 we recommend are Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  If you already have profiles on some or all of these we can choose 3 different social media platforms based upon your online goals, or we can optimize your current profiles (up to 3) so that you will get the most benefit.

One Time Social Media Marketing Package ~ $325.00

Please download and fill out these forms:

Social Media Agreement | Social Media Worksheet

“Dotty Scott with Premium Websites, LLC  has provided me with the resources and information to be confident that I am doing what I can do to grow my business. She continues to provide needed support and direction increasing my business development. Dotty is abreast of current trends in social media and technology to ensure your business is current with what works in today’s market. She is easy to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone who desires to exceed in today’s economy. Social Media is necessary to succeed and without it you are missing an important avenue to success.”
Gabriele M Smith, In Touch Counseling
“Dotty has always received so much praise from people in our networking group and I just had to see for myself. She came into my office and with a gentle touch, helped me learn about the E-Networking phenomena that has swept over the business world. I truly appreciated her gentle approach and patience. I would recommend her to anyone who is unsure about jumping into the E-Networking pool.”
Shane Moore

Monthly Social Media Maintenance Package

This package is for ongoing social media support.  It will include 4 hours per month of social media activities, such as setting up new social media sites, adding to your existing profiles, friending and following people, checking and responding to social media emails, and any other necessary activities.

Monthly Social Media Maintenance Package ~ $300.00 per month

Your credit card will be billed each month on the day of purchase.

Pay annually and get 1 month free.

Please download and fill out these forms:

Social Media Agreement | Social Media Worksheet

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