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Photos of the Pacific Northwest

Use for Quotes, Testimonials, and more

Would you like to have beautiful images to use for client testimonials, reviews, or thought provoking quotes?

Pacific Northwest Photos

Here is a sample of what these can look like.  They can be used in sliders on your website, as static images on your website, or in your social media accounts.

Pacific Northwest Photos

All of the images for sale were created by Dotty, and she holds all rights.  There are no copyright issues.  They were taken in the Vancouver, Portland, and Columbia Gorge areas with a few from Colorado as well.  They are all high quality and can be used anywhere on the Internet.   The images will be high resolution, provided without the text shown here, and emailed to you via Dropbox or Google Drive.

The images are $10.00 each, and you can add anything to them that you want – text, graphics, etc.

Images will be added to this portfolio on a regular basis – so keep checking back!  You can order them by contacting Dotty through this website and letting us know which images you want.

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