Is your website earning you money?

Would you like to streamline appointment setting,  appointment reminders, follow up, and review requests?

“I have been working with Dotty at Premium Websites for over 5 years now. She created my massage therapy website and I can’t even begin to tell you how many client’s I have gotten from it. Her SEO is spot on for my industry and I am having her do another website for me for a new venture that I am getting into. So excited to see what she will do with that. She is amazing when it comes to the Massage Therapist Industry. I would highly recommend other Massage Therapists to look into Premium Websites, LLC to see what she can do for them. She was very reasonable in pricing and her availability to answer questions when I had them has been perfect.”


Wonder what it will be like to work with Dotty?

Wonder if she can really help you get more business coming through your website?

“Dotty is a fantastic teacher. She spoke at our wedding professionals association and was very helpful. Her ideas were inspiring and yet very down to earth and doable. In my opinion she is a marketing genius and really knows how to connect with her clients and build relationships. I highly recommend her for both her consulting work and her professional looking and feeling websites!”


What is so special about Massage Therapists?

Massage therapists are a very unique type of person. They have many qualities like:

  • Their ability to understand someone’s Energy and often know the clients need even before they do
  • Their ability to listen and communicate with their clients body and to know what it will respond well to
  • They truly care about their clients recovery.
  • Many are highly Empathic and sensitive to their clients Energy’s
  • Most have advanced listening skills
  • Many continue to increase their skills into areas that most people don’t understand

Most massage therapists are extremely skilled at what they do, but many fall short when it comes to the technical side of business. Many work by themselves and do not have office staff to help pick up the slack in areas they do not excel. 

I have nothing but a glowing review for Premium Websites, LLC. Dotty took my sad little self made website and created a stunning massage therapy website to let others know what I do and to take action to get in and get scheduled for a massage. I totally felt a part of the process and was (and am still) able to ask and get my questions answered. I am a massage therapist and personal trainer who knows a bit about technology and built my own site, but it took a lot of time to build and maintain, so I came to the conclusion it was worth it to have a professional build one for me and that is what Premium Websites is; professional. If you want a great website, then let Premium Websites take care of that for you. I am so glad that I did!

Clint Hartwig LMT, CPTClint Hartwig LMT, CPT, Selah Wellness

It is possible to have a website that will help in many of these areas. 

Websites are not meant to be static. They can help get new clients by coming up in searches when people are looking for your services. Websites can also be like and “office assistant” by integrating with your appointment scheduling program and most other administrative type programs. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could rely on your website to schedule new patients? Then the program would send reminders either by text or email. Then the program could follow up with your new client after the first appointment and provide a new offer, ask for a review, or anything else you have added to the program. 

Now your website is WORKING for you, not just sitting there looking pretty! 

Massage Therapist Website Packages

Starter Website Package

  • Up to 5 pages
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Template WordPress Theme
  • Content Management System
  • Responsive Design (Mobile Ready)
  • Integration of Scheduling Software
  • Social Media Integration
  • 1 Hour of Training for your new website

Small Business Website Package

  • Up to 15 Pages
  • Everything in the Starter Website Package
  • Customized WordPress Theme
  • Blog
  • GMB Creation Included
  • Integration of Scheduling Software
  • Social Media Integration
  • 1 Hour of Training for your new website

Google My Business (GMB) Addon

  • Create Business Listing
  • Add Services and/or Products (up to 15)
  • Add Images, Videos, Logo, and Header Graphic
  • Add a Post
  • Teach how how to maintain GMB account
One Payment of $1395
* 3 Payments of $512
One Payment of $2495
* 3 Payments of $915
One Payment of $99

* For all payment options – The payments will be set up on autopay for 3 consecutive months. Payments will start when website is purchased. The website will not go live until the final payment has been made. If the website build exceeds 3 months the payments will be completed prior to website going live. Any websites exceeding 6 months may incur additional charges.

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