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Google+ Gets Custom URL’s

Custom URL’s available

Yesterday Google+ offered Custom URL’s for some people who met the qualifications.

These were offered for both personal profiles and Business Pages.

Why get a Custom URL

The most obvious reason is to prevent your personal name, or business name from getting assigned to someone else.  I claimed +DottyScott for my personal account. Another reason is for branding and ease of use.  It is much easier to give a url out to someone (or even on a website) if it is a word not a series of numbers.

What is the criteria to get your url?

Google has a few requirements you must meet before becoming eligible for a custom url.

  1. Your profile must have a Profile Photo
  2. You must have at least 10 followers
  3. Your account must be at least 30 days old

If you are a business there are a few more requirements:

  1. Your Business Page must be verified
  2. Your Business Page must be linked to a similar website

Google is rolling this out to qualified accounts all week – so if you do not see it yet keep checking.

How do I claim my Custom URL?

This is a simple 3 step process.

Step 1 – either click the link sent to your email OR go to your account and click the button at the top (see images)

Google+ Custom URL Email

Google+ Custom URL

Step 2  – When the next window comes up click the Change URL green button

Google+ Custom URL

Step 3 – When the next window comes up click the green Confirm Choice button

Google+ Custom URL

You will know it was a success when you see this on your page: Google+ Custom URL

Things to note:

Currently you have to choose what Google assigns you – it is a take it or leave it thing right now.  I do not know if they will allow you to pick your own in the future or not.  They are offering your name for personal profiles, so times with a number behind it.  Google says it sometimes gives you a choice of a few options – I only had the choice of +DottyScott.  Business Pages must be verified and it seems they are offering the name of your business, or as close as they can get.  Again it is take it or leave it right now.  They chose +PremiumWebsitesNet for mine, and I was not able to drop the net.  This makes me think they are looking at the attached website as well as the name.  I assume the PremiumWebsites was offered to someone else.

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