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Google Authorship: How to Get Yours!

Google Author Tags are now working!

Today Google sent out an official email to everyone that has the Authorship engaged on their website.  Here is mine:

Google Authorship for Dotty Scott

Google Authorship for Dotty Scott

What is Google Author anyway?

Do you see my image listed above in the email?  That is created by telling Google I author my website and blog.  When someone searches for one of your keywords, your listings will have your image next to them.

What is the Big Deal?

This is not about vanity!  Google knows that people trust people they know over people they do not.  If someone you knows searches on one of your keywords and your image shows up – that person is way more likely to click on your listing before any others on the first page.  No longer is it as important to be the first on the page – just getting to page 1 is good enough.

I had an appointment today with a prospective client and when I asked how he found me this point was driven home.  He said he searched for Website Design Vancouver ( one of my local keyword phrases) and I was the ONLY person with an image that showed on the first page.  He said my image made him click through to my website, and he contacted me from there.

I take 2 things away form this:

  • Just having my image show was the deciding factor on what he click FIRST.  I was not the first listing on the page.
  • Having a professional, friendly, inviting image is imperative.  He also commented that my image was what he expected a web designer to look like.

You will get MORE clicks to your website by engaging the Author tag!

How to get  Authorship from Google

  1. Connect all websites where you publish into the Contributor area of Google+ using the About or Author page for the link.
  2. Link back to your Google+ profile from your About or Author page on your websites
  3. In every post link to the About or Author page with a rel=”Author” in your link code (see example below)
  4. Your Google+ profile image must be of you – not a logo, tree, flower, building, cartoon, etc.
Author Tag

Format of By Dotty link in each article posted

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