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Google Adding Places Pages

What do you mean ~ Google adds Places Pages?

If you are a Doctor, Dentist, or Lawyer you need to read this post.  I assume Google will continue to add pages to other verticals when they finish with Doctors, Dentists, and Lawyers.

I am currently working with a multi-dentist office here locally, which is how I discovered the problem.  Here is how this was explained to me ~ when someone leaves a Dentist a review, they are leaving it for the specific Dentist, not the office or clinic they work out of.  Since most multi dentist, doctor, or lawyer offices create a Places (Local Business Center) account for the business, it is not possible to leave reviews for the specific dentist or doctor.  Google’s solution is to create a Page for all the Dentists, Doctors, and Lawyers in their database, and link them to the home page of the joint website.  Conceptually this does make sense.


Example Google Generated Page

Here is proof that this is really happening.  This is an email that one of the Dentists I am working with received.

Google Generated Page

What is the Problem with Google Generated Pages?

There are many problems ~ I will name a few here:

  • The Pages are generic
  • The Pages all link to the home page of a website.  Think of a large clinic or hospital.  There could be many different doctors that work at that hospital or clinic.  Now Google has created several to hundreds of new generic pages that all link to the same home page.  We are seeing the placement in Google Maps on local searches tank when this happens.  You might have spent a great deal of time or money to get a good ranking in the Map area of a search results page and now you are no where to be seen – thanks Google.
  • The Pages are not all correct – when looking for Dentists I got one page of Les Schwab!
  • Google will not, under any conditions, delete a page they created

Why is Les Schwab in the Dentist Category?

Google Generated Page

I doubt there is a Dentist working in the Allergy and Asthma Center

What can you do if Google generates a page for you?

The first thing to do is claim that page – since they won’t delete the page (even if you request it) claim it and move it into your Places account.  This will allow you to change the page.  Do NOT rename the page to your clinic name, keep it for the Doctor, Dentist, or Lawyer for which it was created.  Make the profile complete, add images, a description (bio), correct categories, correct address and phone number, and any other information they ask for.  Make it as complete as possible.  Logically (there is no evidence yet for this statement) you would link the page to an existing page about that person ~ not the home page of the website.  If you do not have existing Bio pages for the Doctors, Dentists, or Lawyers in the office then create them and WAIT for the newly created pages to get traction on Google.  Then link your individual Google Page to the Bio page for that person.

My speculations

  1. I personally think the reason Google started with Doctors, Dentists, and Lawyers is to get that vertical ready for the Google Carousel that restaurants and theaters currently enjoy.  If this is true, and you are in this vertical, then you need to start getting Google Reviews and make sure you are in as many Online Directories as possible.
  2. Google did this to gather Reviews on specific professionals not large organizations.  This is leading to the idea of experiential search, which is what the new Google algorithm is all about.  Go with it – there are no other options.  Start getting your clients experiences onto the Internet – it will pay off big in the future.
  3. This is playing into the new Google Shared Endorsements ~ if you get reviews from your clients then their images will start to show in Ads you place with Google ~ adding credibility and an experience to your Google Marketing.
  4. I am sure this will be happening in other verticals in the future ~ Insurance Agents come to mind.

I am sure more will become evident as this moves forward.  It is best to be prepared!

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