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Julie Wirta Massage – Client Review

“I never had a website because I was not able to think of a design. Dotty created the perfect design for my Massage business and the site is very professional. She created my logo and helped me to stand out in a crowd of other Massage Therapists. She tied all of my business materials together so I have a consistent look for all my business and marketing items. She is very efficient and accommodating. I am now getting highly qualified leads and my website is bringing me new business every week. Dotty at Premium Websites has really helped my business to grow.”
Julie Wirta, Julie Wirta Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Dotty loves her Massage clients too

Dotty Scott Thank you Julie for the kind words. You were one of my very first clients and gave me a great perspective on what kind of help clients need. You have taught me just as much as I have taught you – just in different topics!

Julie came to Premium Websites with nothing – and we were able to supply her with a website, business cards, and a branded look for her business.  This is one of the very first websites that we completed when we went into business.  It is one of the only static HTML sites that we have left ~ it performs so well for her that we do not want to make changes to it yet.  She went from not much business outside of the Chiropractic referrals (from where her office is) to getting too much business from the Internet.  Julie now books appointments several months in advance.

Visit her Deep Tissue Massage website

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