Have you ever visited your website and saw a white screen?

This could mean that your website has been hacked, or it could mean that your website needs to be updated. If you have a WordPress website, sometimes the theme files, plugins, or core WordPress files are no longer compatible with the version of php that is running on your hosting account. I have seen this take a whole website down. It can be an easy fix – just upgrade your version of php to 7.3 or higher. I have seen some hosting companies that do not offer this upgrade – then you are forced to change hosting companies. 

I have also seen this happen when someone hacked into the hosting account and removed important files. This fix is more troublesome. If you are not a techy person then you will be hiring someone to fix the site, especially if you do not have a backup. 

Ever visited your website and seen images that do not belong?

This is common – someone hacks into either your website or your hosting account and uploads images that you do not want on your website. They are usually porn related. Think of what that will do to your companies reputation!

I have also seen hosting accounts get hacked and thousands of files were uploaded and stored on the server. They company would have never known – except their backup became exponentially larger and the website was running very slow. In this case someone was using the hosting account to run a separate html website. 

Ever visited your website and seen foreign text?

I have seen this happen quite often as well. This means your website or hosting has been hacked, and you will need to clean up your site, restore your site, or pay someone to do it for you. 

If your website or hosting has been hacked – for any reason – the security hole needs to be plugged before fixing the website. Otherwise the site will just get hacked again. 

It is best to have a secure hosting server and a team of really smart support people working with you. If you do not have that desire or capability to have a tech support staff, that is where we can come in. We can be your website tech support staff.

We can manage your hosting – do nightly updates, keep core files updated, and be your support contact. You will not need to know any “tech” words – we will deal with all of that tech stuff for you!

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