Why do I need to tell Google where I contribute content?

Google+ Contributor To section is one of the most important sections on your Google+ profile.  It can bring you more traffic, set you up as an authority, and help establish your Authorship in Google.

If you are going through the hard work of writing content for the Internet why not get all the benefits available to you?  If you specifically let Google know where you post original content, then you can start to get the Authorship status as well as better rankings in the Search Results for your website.  This means more traffic, which should equate into more dollars.

If you add your Social Media groups into the Other Profiles section you will be telling Google that you are a social being (assuming you use these account).  Since Google is taking into consideration Social Proof into their ranking algorithm telling Google where you have other profiles established can also help your sites rank higher in the search results.  Your Google+ profile is a cross between Search Engine Optimization help for your website and Social Media.

It is very easy to get your websites connected into your Google+ account


  • Go to the About section in your Google+ Profile
  • Look for the Links area ~ then in the middle of that is the Contributor To section ~ Edit that section
  • Add the text that is readable on the website in the Label area and the actual url in the URL field
  • Click Save at the bottom

It is that simple – you are done.

Now Google will know that you are the originator of this content, and give you Authorship credit if you have that set up in your account.

You can even add past websites that you contributed to (as long as they are still online) and set the designation to Past Contributor.

For a demonstration on how to add links in your Contributor To section watch the video above.