Thought you had to hire a web designer to get a Facebook Tab?

Do you have  You Tube Playlist that your fans would enjoy?

If you answered yes then you have what you need to create a free Facebook Tab using the tool Cueler.

Cueler does all the heavy lifting for you.  You give it your YouTube information and it will:

  • Create the Tab
  •  Create the Facebook Tab Page that the Tab links to
  •  Create the Layout of the Tab Page

The order of the Videos is determined by the order of your YouTube Playlist.  This is the easiest way to get Video into your Facebook Page, and the easiest way to get a Custom Tab.  Cueler will even post the newly added videos into your Timeline when you publish them to your YouTube Playlist.

Cueler Facebook Page: Easy Tab Creation

Tab Layout created by the Facebook App Cueler

I love the Tool: Why don’t you give it a try!