My sincere apologies…

to everyone that is on my Tip of the Week list.  Benchmark has now sent out 2 unauthorized emails to mt entire list – causing confusion, frustration, and spam!

When my list service company that allowed me to send Video emails quit working (poor upgrade) I moved to Benchmark for providing my video email list management.  After spending over 6 hours setting up the program – importing my list, purging names I knew were not valid, changing emails I knew had been updated, adding last names etc. – they decided to send out a Welcome email that I set up to be sent ONLY when a new person gets added through my website form.  They sent it out to my entire list instead!

If that was not annoying enough for both myself and the people that received the email  they then shut down my account.  All that time wasted!  When I called Monday morning to  find out why they did that I was told the “confused” me with someone else and did not mean to close my account.

I had already moved to MailChimp (free account for email list management) and redid all the work from the previous day.  I requested the Benchmark account be closed – and they complied and refunded my money.

Jump forward a week – yesterday they sent out an unaltered template (which I never even set up) to my entire list AGAIN.  To my HORROR they spammed my list again with absolute garbage.


I went back  into my supposedly closed account and removed everyone from the account.  It should not happen again (now the list is empty).

It is never my intention to spam anybody.

Lesson Learned

Do not rely on a company to do what they say they are going to do – always double check when it involves your clients.